10 Ways To Travel Cheap

4/19/20222 min read

silhouette of man holding luggage inside airport
silhouette of man holding luggage inside airport

10 Ways To Travel Cheap: Travel On A Budget!

Plan ahead.  Really, that’s all. (read my tips for RV camping below)

If you were to ask me about five or six years ago where I would want to travel, and maybe even live.  I would of said Los Angeles.  Now, I have totally different ideas.

Although, I’ve been to L.A. twice now… I don’t think I would go back.  Los Angeles is cool, but there is a lot more of the world to see.

You see, back then, I was career oriented.  I wanted to be an actor.  And I was to a point.  You can read more about that here.

But, now the list of places that I want to travel has changed.  And, I am no longer in the business.

I would rather go to Cuba, anywhere in Europe, Costa Rica and possibly Mexico!

I’m just trying to live a more stress-free life and be happy.  With this life always being on the go, I find that being happy would be a great achievement in itself.

So let’s talk vacations!

So here’s my list; (10 Ways to travel cheap)

1. If you are travelling by airplane, try to buy your ticket at least a month ahead of time.  You’ll be able to save some money.

2. Travel mid-week, or on a Monday or Tuesday.  The weekend is much more expensive.  You’ll find it’s the same for the hotels as well.

3. Book a hotel room out of the downtown area or the tourist area.

4. Sign up for low fare alerts!

5. Travel outside of the holiday season peak periods.

6. Book a flight overnight or early in the morning if you can handle that.  Some people are not early risers.

7. Do the grocery store thing, and eat out less while traveling.

8. And lastly, all I can think of now is you should use a local sim card wherever you are.

9. Also, whatever you’re willing to buy cheap (such as a carry coffee cup) use the dollar store

Ok, so it’s only 9 tips.

While traveling in your RV..


My list for RV camping

1. Pack the essentials

-band aids, sunscreen, water bottles, bath towels, beach towel, cigarettes, lighter etc.

anything that you might need so you don’t end up buying them at a convenience store on the road

2. Find cheap or free campgrounds

-it could cost $10 per night

3. Find out if there is an affordable internet hotspot

4. Cook your own food!

-don’t eat out at restaurants so much

buy food from the grocery store

5. Enjoy free camping activities

-spend time by the campfire with your friends, swim in a lake, play board games or just relax and do nothing at all

you don’t have to spend money

Now let’s get travelling!

-Steve (2021)

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white crew cab pickup truck parked beside white and blue van during daytime
white crew cab pickup truck parked beside white and blue van during daytime